Pugad Baboy Characters

Pugad Baboy has a multitude of characters reflecting each sector of the Filipino community.

Most main characters are still present on the daily comics since the strip first came out while some are added along the way. The characters also reflect people from PM Jr.'s personal life like his friends and family.


The Sungcals
Dagul (Adagulfo Sungcal Jr)
Debbie (Debra Anne Sungcal)
Kules (Hercules Sungcal)
Tiny (Cristina Sungcal)
Utoy (Adagulfo Sungcal III)
Brosia (Ambrosia Tangara)

The Sabaybunots
Tomas, also known as Sarge (M/Sgt. Tomas Sabaybunot)
Barbie (Barbara Q. Sabaybunot)
Paltik (Paul Thomas Sabaybunot)

The Lamouns
Bab (Roberto Lamoun)
Jolen (Joanne Elena Lamoun)
Tita Cel (Cecilia Lamoun)

The Tangeres
Ka Noli (Nolasco M. Tangere)
Joma (Jose Maria Tangere)
Ka Beza (Bezalie Tangere)

The Tangs
Mao (Mauricio Tang)
Pao (Paulino Tang)
Other characters

Igno (Benigno Ramos)
Joboy (Joey Boy Llabe)
Tata Mads (Amado Pascala
Doc Sebo (Miguel Sebo, M. D.)
'Adre (Cesar "Butch" Tangara
Miss Nobatos (Eusebia Nobatos)
Patrolman Durugas (PFC Romeo Durugas)
Senator Cabalfin (Sen. Usurpo Cabalfin)

Recurring minor characters
There are also recurring characters in the strip, including:

Barbie's mother (unnnamed)
Dagul's mother (Brenda)
Madame Cabalfin (Diana Elizabeth Cabalfin)
Attorney Adriano (first name never mentioned)
"Principal Schwarzenegger" (Arnold Palacio)
Nadir Hamid Mohammad
Jacques Vousvoulez
Father Marty (Fr. Mario Martinez)
Rosanna (last name not mentioned)
Frostee (a play on the word prostitute, of which she is)
Mang Igme (full name never mentioned)
The Los Kosas Muntinlupas

Other minor characters in the strips serve as antagonists to the residents. See: Villains of Pugad Baboy On the other hand, the Pugad Baboy gang are often aided by friends and acquaintances they meet during these escapades. See each article of the story arcs for info on these allies.

Prominent personalities, both local and foreign, have also made cameo appearances in Pugad Baboy. Among them are Presidents Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo, martial artist Ernesto Presas, politicians Robert Jaworski, Rene Saguisag and Richard Gordon, singer Freddie Aguilar, comedian Leo Martinez, boxer Manny Pacquiao, the late Pope John Paul II, Mel Gibson, and Michael Jackson.

Medina drew many of the above minor characters for the covers of some compilations, but these did not appear in the selected strips. Some of these appeared either earlier in the comic strip's run (such as Father Marty) while others were just mere extras (such as the Los Kosas Muntinlupas, Igno's former fellow inmates in Bilibid Prison). Many of these were only given official names in "character guide" supplements in compilations (such as the inmates and the school principal, mostly hitherto unnamed). These names are then carried over to future strips.

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