Pugad Baboy's Debbie

pugad baboy debbie

Name:Debra Ann Sungcal
Occupation: Multi Task Homemaker
Adagulfo III
Sisaki Smell of sauteed garlic, SM Megamall, Squid Balls, Palawan, Sping Beds

The matriarch of the family, a loving traditional housewife and mother. Her recurring traits include a love for bargain shopping, indecision regarding actual purchases (sometimes on purpose), and complaining about decisions she lets Dagul make (much to Dagul's annoyance and regret). Also, she extremely dislikes any honest opinion Dagul gives her about her figure and/or clothes she wears or tries on - to the point of throwing him out of the house, despite her demanding honest opinions in the first place. She calls her husband "Sweet Ham."


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