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Because of a lack of an updated online portal of Pugad Baboy material, I decided to create this.

Pugad Baboy is widely loved by thousands of Filipinos as can be seen from its strong publishing presence spanning to 20 years and counting. But there does not seem to be an updated online community or portal of this popular comic.

Pugad baboy

I hope fans like me will frequent this humble blog I made to share ideas and just have a good time with our favorite comic - Pugad Baboy.

Pugad Baboy (literally, "swine's nest" in Tagalog) is a comic strip created by Filipino cartoonist Apolonio "Pol" Medina, Jr. The strip is about a Manila community of mostly obese people - "fat as pigs", so to speak (baboy is Tagalog for pig).

It started appearing in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 18, 1988. It currently appears exclusively in the Inquirer line of newspapers (Broadsheet Inquirer and its free concise sister tabloid called Inquirer Libre and tabloids Bandera and Tumbok.) Its popularity has spawned numerous compilations, a live-action television series, and merchandise such as T-shirts and figurines.

The strip does not only showcase domestic life; occasionally, it features adventure, drama, and pure spoof sequences. More often, the strip mirrors the general sentiment of the Filipino people on relevant topics such as corruption in the government as well as Filipino pop culture. In this respect, the strip has been likened to Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury. Sometimes, political satire is woven into some ordinary strips and adventure stories.


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